Bookkeeping and Accounting

Professional Small business bookkeeping services with us, offers business owners to select dedicated team of virtual accounting and bookkeeping professionals to work as your own staff to as per your business requirements. You can also choose from hiring A dedicated bookkeeper to a complete team with controller, accountant and bookkeepers to work as your own accounting department.

Core focus of Actuit India team is to provide you best in class bookkeeper services at reduced cost. You can start now, stop and restart at any time, we offer full flexibility to you to choose as per your own needs.

We have complete separate dedicate team for all major accounting software used in the industry. Our Accountants as proficient enough to work and adapt to your business process quickly, thus we ensure fast turnaround time to all your accounting reports and other requirements.

As Your accountant we can provide the following bookkeeping services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs

  1. Setting up software as per your business process.
  2. General Ledger Maintenance
  3. Daily / Monthly / Quarterly Bookkeeping
  4. Write-up Journal Entries
  5. Bank / Credit Cards/ Transaction Posting
  6. Bank / Credit Cards/ Accounts reconciliation
  7. Customer Order Processing
  8. Manual Journal Entry Processing
  9. Sales Invoice Processing for Customers
  10. Purchase bills postings (Expenses / Assets Categorization)
  11. Inventory / Stock ledger maintenance
  12. Accounts Payable Management
  13. Accounts Receivable Management
  14. Financial Reporting (Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly)
  15. Cost center Management and Related Reports


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